Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Anthony Bourdain article

Found a new website called CHOW, a resource and forum centre for cooks and chefs. There is an interview with Anthony Bourdain there which was (as always) interesting. I found his book 'The Nasty Bits" in the Cook's Hill Bookshop this morning. I was selling books that I didn't want anymore, those read but not to be read again because they really weren't that good.

See the article here:

As always, instead of leaving with the full amount of money the books were traded for, I left with new books to read. So there's Nasty Bits and a guide to free and entertaining things to do for Melbourne. Have to prep for our holiday away, we're going to the Big Day Out, never been to that particular festival before. Melbourne I have been to, but it was only for a night to see the Phantom of the Opera, so I think some sightseeing may be in order ;)

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