Monday, September 1, 2008

New things

Determined to become a better Etsyan, I've been in their forums, asking questions and joining in on discussions.

This is the one I asked, feel free to throw in your hat, even if you're not a seller on Etsy. It concerns my online shop, it's presentation etc. I've asked people to critique it, great advice so far:

emeraldarts1 says:
Hullo Etsy,

I would love a critique of my shop and I offer bribes. I will give the best (or funniest) critique- as judged by my lovely partner in sin.. a copy of my new sketch/colouring in book Creatures and Dreams. Um... hopefully that's allowed, will rescind offer if not. Shall we say open until the 5th of sept?

Particularly interested to hear what you all think of the banner, because I'm not sure if I like it. The writeups I am not sure about either. I just updated all the policies section, so hopefully that's ok. Have found the Etsy help here fabulous, but I always love a little friendly advice.

Thanks very much Etsians.

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