Monday, September 22, 2008

Angels and cranes

This is the most recent of my paintings, still trying to figure out what to call it. Originally, the angel was a design for my book "Creatures and Dreams". I drew an angel and a devil and tried to portray them as I see them in my head. Devils are cute and endearing, angels are slightly creepy and alienesque. Is that a word? Is now :P

I've actually been finding it really difficult to photograph the paintings because of the mediums used. I'm a big fan of this stuff called "Interference" which adds a golden (or whatever) sheen when painted over/with acrylics. It bends the light off the paintings in all kinds of interesting ways. You can see it on these photos slightly better because I spent a day mucking around out in my courtyard, taking shots from every angle, wishing I knew how to use a proper camera.... still, camera phones are pretty good...

The pink/orange surface that the angel stands on is a combination of texture mediums (glass beads and general build-up kind of stuff). I went over the top of this with a wash, first pink, then orange, and then finished it off with iridescent shiny shiny.

The cranes in this painting are made from several types of paper. I trawl magazines for different colours, pester my friends for the foil from the cigarette packets, and hack up junk mail. Particularly fond of the dusky gold that the larger ones are made from (thankyou Benson and Hedges) wondering if it would be possible to get my hands on raw product, foil before it has been used in a packet. Probably not hehe


flossy-p said...

All that shiny shiny really adds so much to it. I love the way the cranes are all coming out at different angles. :)

Emerald Arts said...

Aren't you lovely :) I love the cranes too (wait... is it arrogant to say that?), they worked so well on this one, got to love Chinatown and it's awesome papers.