Sunday, September 7, 2008

Father's day flower show

After lunch at a cafe called The Source we moseyed on over to the flower show at the Cathedral

The side chapel where the unknown soldier sleeps had a maypole under one of the... um.... hundreds of stailned glass windows. Reminded mum of growing up in Bathurst. I thought that growing up in the country was all hard work and no play, was totally wrong ;)

The view towards the rose window

Ther series of squares in the top of this photo support (aesthetically anyway) the Cathedral Tower above them. I wonder if my old dog Toby is still the only pet to be allowed in the Christchurch Cathedral?

I think that the flowers for this exhibition were arranged according to the principals of Ikebana

U want this bird, don't you ;)

So it came as no surprise that the florist Peter Heard was a major player in the show.

Sorry for the quality of this photo, my poor little phone is on it's last legs after being dropped so many times

Goodbye my lovely church, thankyou for another year of gorgeous flowers


Chris said...

Fantastic work! Keep it up.

Emerald Arts said...

Thanks very much :)