Friday, September 26, 2008

The Orange Widget's Big Day Out

Widget the Brave: Orange Sherbet

This is the youngest of the Widget clan, Sherbet Orange is its name.

Likes hanging out on the beach, soaking up warmth from the sand and warning others to swim between the flags.

On guard at the Merewether Ocean Baths.

Mini-widget badge on my lapel watches on, while Sherbert Orange pretties itself.

To laze about in scrambled eggs.
(Please note, "scrambled eggs" is not the botanical name for this bush/plant/thing, but that's what we call it in Oz).

Behind the scenes at the shoot: Ten encouraged Orange Sherbet to work the angles.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Orange Sherbert has had some lovely adventures!! He (or is it she) looks fabulous.

Emerald Arts said...

Aw thanks :) Not sure if it is a he or a she actually, but I guess with those big purdy eyes it's probably a girl.