Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Flossy-P is frickin' awesome...

My whole life, every time I hear the postman's bike outside the front of my house I feel a thrill of excitement. Kind of like the thrill you get when you see someone you have a massive crush on but haven't kissed yet. Still, at twenty nine years of age, I love the mail.

So, this came from the lovely Flossy-P yesterday, sorry it's scanned rather than a nice photo, I blame... um... my dying phone, again, really have to do something about it. I entered a comp on Flossy-P's blog and for the first time in my blog reading career, I won, winnah!

The little cards that you can see are actually part of a lovely altruistic neighbourhood thang that she's invented. Basically you wander your neighbourhood and place cards anonymously in letter boxes to tell people that you like their gardens. Flossy-P explains the concept far better on her blog than I ever could, so please go there to read all about these gorgeous little cards:


I'm waiting for a weekend where my family is all in the one city so that we can wander around our neighbourhood and give them out, even though I feel like keeping the pretty little things for myself (Bad Em!) that kind of defeats the purpose of the cards.

So thankyou Flossy-P, I loved your mail so much :) Big Hugs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find a book worthy of the bookmark.

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