Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Singing in the rain

Work in progress, haven't decided who I want to put on it yet.

Yesterday I took about a hundred photos of my paintings (any excuse to get out in that gorgeous spring sunshine) so that I can put a couple on Etsy. Am off to the post office to see how much it costs to send things like these to such far flung places as London, Alexandria, Las Vegas etc.

Wondering if it would seen wanky to take one down with me, but I think I will have to because the origami component of the paintings makes them harder to mail. Done it before, and it worked beautifully, but yeah, difficult to explain to people exactly what I need... that and the fact that last time the painting sold while on consignment, so I have no idea how it all works.

Deep breath, off I go ;)


flossy-p said...

Hey Emma, I can't wait to see who strolls into this painting :)

p.s. You won my give-away! :D
Send me your address (see my post for my email) and I'll pop the goodies in the post for you!

Emerald Arts said...

I did? Oh wow, thanks very much :) will email you now.

Any suggestions you may have for what kind of creature to put in the painting, love to hear it if you do.