Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ooooh seriously, I love warm weather so much. Actually... that's not quite true, I love swimming when the weather is warm, not really the weather itself. I'm an exzema kid. Hot weather makes me itch.

Hehe thanks for sharing that Em, I'm sure you're thinking, but hey... I'm just a sharing, caring, kind of a girl :P

Yesterday afternoon the boy and I went down to Sydney for my sister's "Flying the Coop" housewarming. I took down a whole lot of ingredients for pizza, then spent the afternoon swigging champagne with Lychees in (Cas's idea, I am a total convert) and chopping up ingredients. I love cooking. Seriously. The more complicated and time consuming a recipe the more I love it. Food just seems to taste better when you spend forever messing with it :P

Anyway, so I made the ingredients, we lined them up along the bench and turned on the oven, made a couple to get them started, then we pointed hungry friends to the kitchen while we made inroads with the punch. Tasty. Ten and I left around eleven, I think, and drove all the way back up the highway to home because I had markets today. My boyfriend rocks, seriously, I'm pretty sure that I made very little sense rambling on in my warm fuzzy drunkeness, but he didn't mind at all that I sang my own lyrics over the top of his songs hehe. So yeah, we got home, after a stop off at Rich's to see his shiny new motorbike (ohhhh sooo sexy), watched somethingorother on the laptop because I was too excitable to sleep yet.

So... I woke up this morning, completely disorganised, possibly still drunk, yet still managed to pack my stuff and haul my sorry arse to the markets. Luckily Jen was there to commiserate with my sorry self and tell me stories, so I made it through.

Actually, I did more than make it through, I had an utterly awesome day. It's wierd, the heat was kind of intense, the wind was crazy, stalls were falling down, stuff was being blown off tables, but it was still, as it always is, quite lovely to be there.

Best of all though, my favourite ever customer Darcy, who is almost 4, came by to say hello with his mum. He's really shy, has only ever said hello to me before hiding behind his mum and pointing at things he likes, but today he said hello and answered questions and said goodbye.... aw man, he is the cutest kid. Reminds me of how Cas used to be around strangers.

We packed up early because the wind became ridiculous, so I came home and tried to clean the dust off things, then thought.... Eff this, why am I working when I could be swimming? So I went to the ocean baths.

The Ocean Baths ROCK. The water was cold, deliciously slitheringly cold, and there were people absolutely everywhere except in the water... only about ten people swimming. So I did a few laps, then swam to the end that looks over the sea, crossed my arms and just watched for about half an hour.


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