Saturday, September 13, 2008

OMG 100th post, frickin' sweeeeet!

Sometimes, when I am done at the markets on a Sunday, I squish a lime in my mortar and pestle and have vodkalimeandsoda.

It's lovely.

Today was lovely too, especially because working from home as I do, it's easy to get stuck in my own head... danger is, that sort of thing leads to very productive but a little bit bored Em. So it's nice to get out there and talk to people, see my favourite customers and market friends. And then I come home with the Sunday papers and a hell of a lot of really tasty produce. Nice way to spend a working day ;)

Below are some photos of things that I made while I was there today:

Prototype Sad Panda Not the final shape, just so you know, because I realise it looks more like a bear, but I found this little unfinished body while I was marketering today, so worked with what I had ;)

Altered the design of Widget the Brave so that his eyes were smaller and his ears were bigger. The mouth definitely didn't work though, going to have to redo that. The cactus silk I've used here is not as thick as embroidery cotton, but it's really beautiful so I have to figure out a way too make it work ;)

Hopefully vintage silver fabric doesn't scar... which reminds me, I want to try out that self-healing fabric... sounds really cool.

Very very small widget badge. Have to picture this in your mind, but the purple board will have a line drawing background printed on it, nothing too busy, just something more than blah blah purple card stock. Maybe a Widget Bio too...

Prototype packaging for new badges/brooches I'm working on.Can't decide on whether it should be badges or brooches. Boys don't wear brooches do they? Is that even how you spell it?? Auuugghhhh :P

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