Monday, December 1, 2008

Creatures & Dreams 2

This is the second issue of my colouring in book (or kidzine) "Creatures and Dreams". Featured inside, with stories, are Widget the Brave and Voodoo Susan. The book is filled with original illustrations and activities to entertain during the Christmas Holidays.

The cover is printed on card stock and the origami cranes are removeable, so that colouring is not impeded. Each crane is folded from recycled art magazines. I scan each cover separately, so the cranes you see in the first picture are the cranes you will be getting.

Taken me a lot longer to do this zine than the first one did, I drew/wrote whole pages in my sketchbook so that all I had to do was scan them into the computer then clean them up a bit. Pretty painstaking process, but the end result looks so much more polished.

The next door neighbours have a new puppy that has barked all day today and yesterday. I love dogs, but I am considering kidnapping it and leaving it at my parent's house with Eddie. The barking is driving me nuts, but I came up with a solution. I'm painting with Pendulum turned up on full on my ipod. Nothing like a bit of drum and bass to drown out the barking.

So much stuff I want to be doing at the moment. Everything is so urgent.

To Do list:
- lay out patterns for christmas creatures
- make up Voodoo Susan kits, Paper dolls, paint your own canvases
- scan in some images from the drop dead gorgeous book Renee sent me so I can show it's pretty on my blog
- go in to shop on Darby st to see how my things look there
- organise art supplies for the move into shop in town
- do some washing (woo exciting!)
- oh god that's so much stuff, too depressing, really got to get off blogger and get to it

ciao for now amores, back to work Emmeline.


scissor said...

scissor Liftsor lift trucks have been high on demand, especially with industrial organizations that require new forklifts or used forklifts for the transport of heavy and basic materials.

Renee said...

Emmeline: I love your full name.

I love the cranes, they look fantastic and so colourful.

Remember our ongoing email? One thing I wanted to mention on it was when you said you studied Napoleon. Guess who reads all the books on him and Rasputin she can get, Nadalene.

Too funny.

Are you sure your not my kid?

Love Renee


Emerald Arts said...

Hehe I like it too, I feel like it's more my real name than Emma, even though Emma is what appears on my birth certificate.

My friends through school called me Emmeline and I've always signed my art stuff that way.

Maybe I am your kid, hehe, I'll try to find my book on Marengo (Napoleon's) horse and send it over to you guys, she'd go mad for it. Will have to make a trip to Hawks Nest to get it (pretty sure I left it up there one Christmas holiday).