Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Em needs this book. Must make stuff to sell on Etsy to buy this book then make one, been saying that I am going to for ages...

We're resting up today for tomorrow we go to Bondi for New Years Eve with Smem teh DJ. Ten's got a fever and is looking rather see through, I broke a tiny bone in my foot jumping off a table (yes, I am that useless). Not going to the doctor because:
a: my doctor is on holidays
b: I've done it before and there isn't much they can do except say "rest and elevate"
c: It hurts, but Smem manages the pub so I can wear my slippers with my party dress if I want to :P

All said, we're a pretty sorry pair, but injuries don't dampen our party spirit, especially not when there is French champagne involved. Hot as hell here today, am about to decamp for parents house where there is a pool and the world's comfiest couch.

So Happy New Year dear blogging friends, I'll be thinking of you while I'm partying like a mad thing (it is after all what I do best... after art ;)

Much love,

Emmeline :)


Renee said...

Happy New Year sweets.

Still sick but I want you to know I got a wonderful little package in the mail and I LOVE IT.

Your heart is on my tree and your zines are on my table.

Thanks Emmeline. I love it.

Hope you had a great time and no more jumping off of tables.

Love you.

p.s. my package was opened by Australian customs.


Emerald Arts said...

They opened it? Nosey buggers :P Seems like they left everything in it though which is good.

Love you too :)