Saturday, December 20, 2008

Planning and pretty pictures

It's the Farmer's markets tomorrow, so I'm making macaroni and cheese with a lovely cheddar and some fresh corn, listening to Frank Sinatra and recovering from my friend Shelley's most fabulous birthday dinner last night. She manages Hamilton's best Thai (or rather Newcastle's best) and we had a table outside with balloons and incredible satay prawn skewers and pad thai mmmmm

Speaking of tasty, how about that Chuck Bass hmm? Soo so hot.

Usually I'm not a fan of tanning salons, or cats, but together they are dreadfully cute

Jelly Blubbers.

This is water dropping onto paint. We used it for Ten's birthday invitation.

It's funny, when I was a kid I loved my troll from Norway far more than my barbie dolls. In fact I let my best friend Nifty Nige ride my barbie bus down to the end of my street. It killed it. This was at my fifth birthday. The kid that gave it to me was, fortunately, most amused.

Oooh... that's right, I was cooking. I have decided that rather than let the loss of my beloved sunglasses make me sad, I'm going to sell lots of paintings and buy some ridiculously hot new ones.
Also, I found the most incredible necklace of a monster on the interwebs last night. It's one of my Christmas presents. Wiiiikkkeed ;)


Renee said...

I love the pictures. More please.

Here's to selling out everything you have so that you have to make more and more and more.

p.s. Love Thai

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Yes ma'am :P

I posted some party pics so you can see how silly my friends are.


Anonymous said...

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