Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My very own media release

Made this up before I went to the Renew Newcastle media launch this afternoon. Just talked to my grandma who said that I was on NBN news looking like a film star (isn't she gorgeous?) but I missed it, those guys work quick. Hopefully it will be posted on their website sometime soon and I can check it out.

Media Release December 2008

A new art space with the Renew Newcastle project
Emerald Arts

By Emma Stronach
A gallery, shop and interactive art space.

Opening Dec 08- Jan 09

Media preview Wednesday 10.12.08

Situated in the Hunter Street Mall, Newcastle.

The Emerald Arts will house original artworks, handmade creations by Newcastle artisans and crafters and will host art classes for young and old.

Emma Stronach is a fourth generation Novocastrian and is beyond excited to be a part of an initiative designed to breathe life back into her beloved city. The Renew Newcastle project aims to revitalize the CBD by opening up its vacant properties to creative types.

Emerald Arts will encourage community involvement in the project by running a series of holiday and after school art classes for kids, as well as zine making workshops and an Anti-Scrapbooking society for adults.

Artworks created in the shop will also be collaborative, with customers able to watch the artist as their sculptures and artworks are created and provide input as to how they will turn out.

A section of the Emerald Arts shop will be devoted to a revolving display of works by local artists and crafters. For a week long period at a time a shelf will be given over to display (and sell) arts and creations by our city’s diverse talent.

Thanks go to the Renew Newcastle project and our first property partner, the GPT group. This is an amazing opportunity for the city of Newcastle. Hope to see you at Emerald Arts soon.


Renee said...

Love it. Love it. Love it.


Why the heck am I getting butterflies for you?

Must be love.

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Yairs, true love :) Hehe

The company that is lending us their buildings put it on their website and i was like D000000D!

Renee said...

Too cool.