Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Etsy feedback for Book Art


Interesting work. I lean towards the second issue: I like the smaller
size and the greater contrast of dark and light in the pictures - I think the greater contrast allows the viewer/reader more access to the book.
Lets see, one of my favorite
pictures is in the first book - the one where you wrote: When dealing with nature....
very strong image. I like Zines that have strength of vision - ones that reach
some truth visually and with words. Ones whereby the author clearly says "Look,
this is the road I'm on & this is what I am seeing/feeling."
Thank you for writing these books. Belle

My reply:

I lean towards the second issue too :) A few people said that the first one, while pretty, was a bit lacking in content. So with the second one I included some pages from my sketchbook that were more text heavy, give something more to read.

As for the quote on the wire page, that pretty much explains my world philosophy in one sentence. We can philosophise all we want, pretend global warming doesn't exist, but the world keeps changing and showing us the effects of our actions all the same.

I'm so glad you liked Book Art and gave me such awesome feedback :)


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