Saturday, December 6, 2008

I nearly had two swims today... but I couldn't be bothered LOL

Just came across this photo while changing my profile pic on facebook, but I'm not going to use it in case a family member sees it and I get into trouble. So I'm putting it on my far more private blog, which is technically less secure, but as there are about five of my dearest reading it, I think I'm safe :P This is my friend Em and I for her birthday a couple of years ago. I borrowed my flatmate Candy's bellydancing costume and went as a genie. I think you can tell what Em was.
So hot today. It's ridiculously late now and I really should be sleeping. Have the markets tomorrow and was sick last night after drinking waaaay too much orange juice at graduation. How ridiculous. If they had just had champagne I would have been fine, but the salcylates are so much higher in OJ and my poor little body puffed up so much by night I couldn't wear my watch. Yeah my body is wierd :P Back to normal now though, after a day lying about in heat too intense to do ANYTHING in. The only time my brain managed even half a thought all day was when I got Ten to drive me to the baths for a swim. In the water, my body temperature lowers to that of a normal person and I feel like a mermaid. If only I could live there.
So happy and excited and on tenterhooks at the moment. Still waiting to hear back from Renew Newcastle about particulars. Such an amazing project and I am kind of champing at the bit to get into it, can't wait to start pumping some artsy blood back into the veins of my Newcastle.
Ok, so stuff sleep, I'm going to watch the delectable Mr Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume for a while.


Renee said...

I love the picture you pretty, pretty, girl.

I was so big into facebook when it first came out, now all I play on it most days is wordscraper.

When you said it is so hot, here is it so cold. I think it was -20 yesterday which is still not bad but it sure felt cold with the north wind.

No more orange juice for you. I guess they will have to fly in champagne special.

Love Renee

Renee said...

I love your little Christmas tree and had a good laugh because if thelegs were bigger you would have drawn my body. And since I cannot wear a bra any longer those were my boobs only mine are very lopsided.

Love you.


Emerald Arts said...

Hahaha yeah it's hilarious, one of my favourite photos ever. Slighly mad with Em's choice of hair colour at the moment, she's dyed it blonde and I'm devastated because her colouring suits shiny and dark so much :P

What's wordscraper?

Faaarrrk minus twenty is ridiculously cold. I've skiied in minus fourty but I only lasted about two hours before I went too numb to turn properly.

You look like my christmas tree? How very festive of you ;) Every time I have my boobs squished on the scan thing I consider lopping them off and just getting implants. Pretty horrid and radical, but when every female member of my family besides Mum so far has had it, it's something I think about vaguely. My godmum has an awesome solution though. I think she lost the left boobie, she has these amazing bras that are so well sculpted, but she's tiny so it's probably easier to get away with.

My great grandma had both taken off and used to stuff her bras with all kinds of funny things, so amusing ;)

Love you too MWAH!


Renee said...

Wordscraper is like scrabbulous (scrabble but not the official scrabble). It is fun to play.

I laughed when you said festive, now that is how I am going to think of myself. Festive.