Sunday, December 21, 2008

Since it is the silly season... here are some pictures of my friends being silly

This is Benny, inspecting a tiny sculpture from a shop in Hawks Nest.

Myself, Sarah and Case playing in the fountain outside Custom's house for Ten's birthday.

Dani is the world's greatest stylist, seriously. If you need someone to make your skin look flawless or you want huge peacock feathers in your hair, talk to her ;)

Scotty at Ten's American Trailer Trash birthday party another year. His was my favourite costume by far. He grew the whiskers for the occasion. What a champ.

Gra and Smem, destined to one day become world famous Deejays. The one with the wicked grin is Smem, who just so happens to be spinning the launch party for Emerald Arts (the shop).

Me and Gra at a New Years party. We are just friends. We are also just major exhibitionists, which helps me to be an artist and him to be a DJ.

Benny, Jen and Nifty Nige. Benny feels like he's a brother or a first cousin, cos he's Ten's bff and we've been mates for years. Been friends with Nifty Nige, however, far longer. We first met at Playgroup (which is for ages 0-3) in Oz. He's my bff.

And this is my golden boy, Tenski.
Off to do some painting ya'll


Renee said...

Oliver Twist:

More please sir.

Love the pictures Emmeline. They are so much fun for me to see inside a bit of your life.

Tenski is definitely a 10 on the handsome scale.

Merry Christmas and have the best time ever.

Love Renee xoxoxoxo

Emerald Arts said...

Hehe yeah he is a bit of allright ;)

Hope you had a blinder of a christmas, I'm debating whether or not the Turkey leftovers would be past their best by now... I think so :P