Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shop stuff

Full steam ahead for the Renew Newcastle project. Official media launch is tomorrow afternoon. Been wandering around Etsy looking for Christmas present ideas and came across the world's cutest robot necklaces, have ordered some from the lovely Kittyrobot for the Emerald Arts shop/gallery thing.


So can't wait till I can tell the world properly about Emerald Arts. At the moment we've been keeping it on the downlow. One of the NEIS girls whose boyfriend applied for a space was miffed when she heard that people had already been to the sites, inspectorating. Was sad that her boyf had missed out. Wasn't me that told btw. Anyway, I told her not to fret, as far as I am aware nobody has missed out yet, it's just that there were a lot of applications and only one person (basically) assessing them all. Marcus is a very busy boy. Basically we're just the first round, the ones that were the most ready to go. Plenty of time and opportunities for everyone else. There are about a billion vacant spaces in Newcastle after all ;)


I am... said...

I totally think newcastle is awesome to be starting this, and i think you are awesome to support our robots, lol :)
i cant wait to check out town now..and actually wanting to go in and explore the shops.wow it is weird saying that...

flossy-p said...

I wish I was there and could have a space too! It's going to be sooooo awesome for you!

Emerald Arts said...

I heart your robots, hopefully they'll be supporting me too haha.

It is wierd to want to go into town isn't it, become such a wasteland in the last few years. I moved out of an apartment in there because it was too noisy, all drunken bums and violence. Not a fan. But it's going to change.

Emerald Arts said...

You've got a space in my space Flossy P, you'll be fine, maybe after a bit you can move to Newie and have your own, YAIRS! haha