Thursday, March 5, 2009


I had to post this photo because it was just too funny. Self-portrait with dust mask and safety goggles. Definitely going to have to get a pair that don't send my glasses askew :P Friday is always a very full on day because painting and sculpture are (when I do them anyway) so physical. I always end up covered in dust and very tired/happy.

My Fish, who I today christened "Rex Hunt" after a popular Australian fishing personality, is coming along quite nicely. I brought it home to show Ten because, while it might not look like much, I am SO damn proud of it.

Made my first frame for a canvas painting today. Sooo awesome. We're going to King Edward Park (my Dog's second home) next friday to do sketches and preliminary paintings, then making our entries for the Landscape Competition OMG YAY!
I've got so many ideas for what I want to do but NO idea how to execute them, so will be mining the interwebs for instructional videos.

At lunch in the FrontRoom Gallery some of the Diploma students held a sticker making meet. The stickers were then stuck along the wall. I was very naughty and took one of mine home because I loved it so much. The exhibition is called "Juxtapose This" and is all about media mashups and making stuff, so the sticker gathering was an excellent way of getting the message across.
I haven't explained that very well at all, must find the official write up and put that here.... :P

So now I'm home, all squeaky clean after washing off all the very fine dust that the belt sander (they let me use POWER TOOLS!) put on me. Finally stopped coughing after my friends made me double over with laughter while working thus inhaling timber dust... but that's my fault for being a dork not theirs.

Totally loving Tafe and the shop and being so ridiculously busy. I feel like I function so much better when I have a whole lot of things on the go at once, and I finally have my health steady enough to cope with such a crazy timetable. So long as I don't accidentally have wheat or catch some freaky flu (touch wood) I'm grinning ;)

Going to see Birds of Tokyo tonight with the boys (Ten, Benny, Rich etc). I only listened to the album for the first time on Wednesday, but I think they're excellent and I can't WAIT to have a drink.



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Renee said...

I adore these pictures of your life.

And of course you know me, Tenski undoing your bra was not to much info. As a matter of fact is is like soft porn for us old ladies.

Love you and your epic life.

Love Renee