Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Sketchbooks

I was scanning in some watercolour tests for my painting class that I thought I might modify/collage digitally for another class... when I thought, maybe I should start scanning in pages from my sketchbooks, incase the unthinkable happens and I lose another... so here you go, some stuff from my sketchbooks (all done while at Tafe or studying at Emerald Arts)

For drawing class we had an excursion to Centennial Park, which is right behind St John's Anglican church where I was christened when I was 13... because I wanted to be confirmed at the Cathedral... and now after almost thirty years of being a total book nerd and doing a lot of research on the subject... I can't believe I wanted to be inducted into religion so badly. Just so Meh about the whole thing. Anyway, the drawing above was made with three different widths of artline markers, the one below of willow charcoal

Yeah, you know how I mentioned that I am a massive book nerd? I'm pretty sure that Tafe is turning me into a huge art nerd as well. Just as well I look hot in glasses :P

I found the Bauhaus syllabus in the library. First fell in love with the Bauhaus principles when I was at Uni studying graphic design. Just makes so much sense.

A painting test done in my General Drawing sketchbook (note to self: draw a cartoon general for the title page). But still... it's drawing with the wrong end of a paintbrush...

Different images that I think are good examples of line. Still needs something in the bottom left corner. Mushrooms are mine. Slowly growing to bear eating them in foods beside sssStroganoff and Risotto. Dayam... that's definitely what I should cook tonight. Tasty.

Landscape ideas for the painting class. Here's hoping lots of people buy things at Emerald Arts so I can afford the canvas to trial all my ideas ;)

Watercolour test for painting class... these are actually in each subject books, so I could work on a page while all the others dried. Hopefully the teachers don't mind if I sometimes put stuff from other subjects into their sketchbook. They're going to be pretty swamped with stuff anyway, given that I compulsively do stuff in them day in and day out. Probably used to it come to think of it.

Sculpture sketchbook. The wooden fish (named Rex after Rex Hunt) is coming along swimmingly.... har har...

This is my favourite of the watercolour tests. I washed the page with a really light pink first then loaded up the brush from the stronger pigment red and just touched the tip of it to the page. Definitely going to try this again, with different shapes. Really starting to like watercolour now.

Right then, off to have an afternoon hanging out washing and doing interwebs research for class. Here's hoping the free wireless is on in town soon (how much does Renew Newcastle rock!) so that I can use the internet on days besides Monday... which is supposedly me day orf :P

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