Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Stock at Emerald Arts: Mixtape Zine

I was introduced to Mixtape by my zinester friend Susy Pow at last years TINA zine fair, so was beyond excited to find a couple of issues under the door at Emerald Arts a few weeks ago.

It turned out Justine from Mixtape had seen my callout on We Make Zines for stock and was wondering if I would like to stock Mixtape.... WOULD I!???!! And why?

It is a very rare thing indeed to find a magazine (or zine) that is craft orientated that doesn't once (I think) mention scrapbooking or decopage or filling things with perfumed woodchips (that's what pot pourri is isn't it?).

Mixtape is contemporary, it's about making time for the small things, getting into the DIY spirit... as they say on their site "Mixtape is a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch". It is also an excellent read, far more entertaining that Who or New Weekly. Read your celebrity gossip online and buy mixtape instead ;)

I have back copies of all issues, but not for long. Mixtape themselves will not be printing back issues in the future, rather offering them online (which is itself a lovely and green business idea)... so get it while it's hot at Emerald Arts ;)


Jade said...

Hey Emmeline, I missed you at the last farmers market - just wanted to say thanks for putting up a link to my ebay site on your blog, that was way sweet of you, cheers! I also was wondering if you have a postal order system with your mixtape zine's that you have stocked?

PS-loving your blog!

Emerald Arts said...

Hey Jade :)

Thanks very much. I had the weekend off, have an annoying cough and achy legs, so I watched Slumdog Millionaire instead, gorgeous movie.

If I give you the Emerald Arts banking details you could put the money for the zine plue postage in there and I could mail it out to you. Will have to check out your blog now.


Anonymous said...

Mixtape is soooo good!