Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kid's classes at Emerald Arts

Ten and I have spent the last few days getting the Lesson Program written up, proofed, arranged, printed... now I'm strategising ways to get it out there with my friends Nay and Suse via The Facebook. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be ok to get things started mid-term, that parents won't just get the flyer and file it away till the start of the next term... because if that does happen, there will not be an Emerald Arts to have lessons in, it's seriously do or die time. I haven't mentioned it on here yet, but Ten and I found out a couple of weeks ago that we have to move house. We got a notice from the real estate that the lease is terminated for "non disclosed" reasons. Which basically means they don't give us a reason and we have no recourse if we want to argue it, sucks being a renter. I'm behind on rent, because there just is not the through traffic in the mall and not enough no people at Emerald Arts. Switched from having my own stall to sharing at the markets, which also means less funds because people stand in front of the stall all day waiting for coffee not reading the giant signs which say "keep this clear for strollers and wheelchairs". geez.

So yeah, we're trying to find somewhere new to live, I'm working the markets and the shop and not having any time off, we're both ragged and it's make or break time with the business. I'm on the crest of a wave, the opening was amazing, I just need to pull it together (or keep it together rather) and make the classes happen. If only that could be done with positive thinking.

Bleurgh. Sorry, that was a bit of a rant, made me feel better though. I'm not stressy, I promise, just strategising and laying it all out there so I get moving.

Here's the lesson Program. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions Dear Reader I would love to hear them.

Lesson Program


Anonymous said...

Hey - if that's the final version, I might print off a couple of copies while I'm at work tomorrow (or in the near future) and see if the people at work are interested in it for their kids?

It also might be worth taking copies of it to public libraries - I vaguely remember that at least some have a space for advertising these things.

Not sure if that's helpful at all, but I do hope things look up for you soon. <3

Emerald Arts said...

Oh thankyou :) That is the final version and it would be amazing if you could take it to work. Such excellent advice too, I'll do a Program drop while house hunting on Saturday.


Renee said...

Em can you make anything in colour. Children and Parents of children love colour. If they think art they are going to want to see some colour in it.

Cooler for adults or teens without colour, but I would try to add some colour.

Can you place them at schools to get stapled to their monthly newsletter.

What about community clubs are stores around the area.

In Winnipeg we have art city which is for the poor kids.

You can do this.

That totally sucks shit about the move though.

Emerald Arts said...

Goood advice Renee, I am so going to colour it! Just the creature and the snail that is :P

Man, I'm so brain dead this afternoon. Hard to explain to non-arty people, but Life and General drawing fry my brain.

Have written your ideas down in my diary, thanks so much bebe.

<3 Emmeline