Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Market to Market...

Recycled bags for sale at the Markets yesterday. They're made from boxing straps (I think that's what ther're called). They're gorgeous and massively cheap. I bought a giant one for my mum for christmas... which Cas subsequently stole, which means it must be stylin.

My lovely fairy friend. Very soon we're going to have facepainting at Emerald Arts on Saturdays, will keep the kids entertained... and me probably :P

The Fairy's colour palette, so keeping this image to use in my Digital subject at TAFE.

Don't you just love flowers?

Oh orchids, how I heart thee...

More flowers, but these ones are felt. Made by Jade of "Cowboys and Cupcakes". You can find more of her work at the ebay shop:

Bears made from Llama fur.

Who says Gluten Free cakes aren't tasty eh? A new stall has just opened up and I can tell you from gluttenous experience, they are so tasty.

My corner of the stall I share with my friends. This photo was taken at about noon, the journal walked soon after. The little one in the bottom right of the photo. When I was packing up I couldn't find it anywhere, searched high and low, but unfortunately somebody has definitely nicked it.

I'm hoping that it was just a little kid who liked the pictures and that their parents will make them send it back to me (I'm pretty sure my contact details were in the front cover). If not, if it was stolen on purpose, I don't really understand why. It's just notes and quotes and ideas mostly, of much sentimental value to me, but not much use to anybody else.

I want it back. Sad face.



Renee said...

Those stems of orchids are dirt cheap down there.

Living the life babe.

Love Renee

emma said...

I would be soo gutted if I had a cool lil journal like that and it was pinched.. it is worth something- you underestimate the value of all your creation and proccess.. but the amazing thing is- you can continue creating! You are blessed with creative talent.

Rose said...

I totally bought one of those little creatures today. It is sitting on my bedside table and I love him/she ahaha