Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Em Gee

Having just discovered the awesomeness that is WikiHow, I give you my favourite parts from their entry on "How to Act Like a Tortured Artist":

It helps if you have a piano in your house so you can play sad-sounding music. This will add to your mystery.

Listen to a lot of funeral organ music, especially while driving in your car. Your car must be black, and you shouldn't drive any flashy sports cars.

IF ever you are out in public, complain about society.

It helps if you are thin and pale; adding to the image of frailty.

Read Poe, Plath, Rimbaud, the play Hamlet, and any other dreary literature you come across.


Renee said...

Did you see him on Letterman. I honestly felt sorry for him. I think he is having a total mental breakdown.

He seriously looked mentally ill.


Emerald Arts said...

Really? No I haven't but I am going to find it now.

I still like how much attention has clearly been paid to the beard and hair for his "look", such a strange man.

Renee said...

Em what did you think of him on Letterman, I am interested in what you thought.

Love you. xoxoxo