Wednesday, March 4, 2009

nekkid people day :)

I found these nude drawings across the road from school when I ran out at lunch to buy the paper (had to find out what was happening with the cricket players). They're not perfect, but the colour really stopped me in my tracks. I'm so accustomed to seeing nudes in neutral or flesh tones.

Good grief, it feels like forever since I have written on this thing. It's kind of hectic running Emerald Arts and going to Tafe and having a market stall, but I'm managing it all at the moment. Last Monday was my first day off in about a fortnight. Slept in till midday, bought a silly magazine (Famous) to read about the Oscars (as if Jen or Angelina gave a crap about each other, I'm sure all that was just a media beat up), had an afternoon nap then caught up on my RSS feeds.

Right now, I'm listening to the Watchmen Soundtrack... jeff Buckley so beats Leonard Cohen on Hallelujah.... and waiting for Tenski to get home so we can go late night shopping (if he's not too tired) cos I need to get wood to build my very first canvas tomorrow OHMYGODYAY!@

We focused on drawing hands in today's class. This was my first sketch. It's funny, I've always avoided them because I just found them far too tricky, but having had the construction explained to me properly I loved it. Still quite hard to do, but not impossible. Going to pester my friends to be hand models every chance I get. Fair warning ;)

This afternoon we went to Centennial Park for Extended Gestural Drawing with our teacher Pete. I had a ball sketching this copse of trees in charcoal then fine pens... will spray them with fixative then scan them tomorrow for ya'll, as soon as I figure out what to put over the scanner glass to protect it.


Renee said...

Em, I totally agree with your comment on my blog. I believe that too.

Now whenever you can come on your blog you do, do not feel pressure because I am thrilled that you are living the life. You are doing exactly as you should.

How is it all going?

I have picked up such a wonderful vibe from you from across the ocean, and I don't believe I'm wrong. You are at a wonderful time in your life.

Do me a favour Em, if you can. Remember and enjoy and be in the moment of your life. I know it is going to be fantastic.

Not only going to be, I know it is.

I feel it.

I love you. Renee xoxoxo

Emerald Arts said...


Oops I had the capslock on, but I'll leave it like that because I am that excited.

You're definitely getting the right vibe and don't you worry, I'm so very aware of how lucky I am to be where I am and how much work it took to get here, so even thoough it's all kind of bedlam at the moment I'm still taking time to think about how wicked it is to be learning how to paint and draw and sculpt from these madly talented teachers.


Love you too ;)