Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting info from the Copyright Agency Limited (Aust.)

Just got this email in my inbox, it's about artist's receiving royaltys on works sold on (or sold again you might say) which is very groundbreaking and exciting and possibly very hard to enact... but here you go:

Over 2,500 artists and arts professionals signed the CARR petition urging Minister for the Arts, Peter Garrett, to introduce a fairer resale royalty scheme for Australian artists.

Thanks to your support, a Parliamentary Committee tasked with considering the Resale Royalty Bill tabled in parliament last year has urged Minister for the Arts, Peter Garrett, to obtain further legal advice on expanding the scheme to pay royalties on all resales after the legislation comes into effect on 1 July 2009.

The scheme would entitle artists to a 5% share of the resale value of their artworks when they are resold on the commercial market. However as it stands, the Minister’s proposed scheme would only pay royalties on works that are purchased and then resold after the legislation is introduced – meaning that artists of existing works could wait decades for the royalties, due to the long periods between resales.

The Government has accepted the Committee’s recommendation and is now working with the arts community to review the model. CARR is hoping necessary amendments will be put in place to ensure that when the scheme comes into effect in July it works for all artists.

We’ll update you when the Government reaches their final decision.

To find out more about the proposed resale royalty scheme, visit the Government fact sheet on


Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) on behalf of the Coalition for an Australian Resale Royalty (CARR)

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