Thursday, March 26, 2009

Painting is fun but the flu sucks

Feeling pretty crap today, but a hell of a lot better than I have been the past two days. I knew that taking on so much this year was going to be a very full on effort, but I didn't think I would crash so badly so soon. Caught the flu off one person and a vomiting bug off another, so spent wednesday night and most of thursday throwing up and cursing the gods rather pathetically. Had a spac at Ten because he was out at Benny's playing playstation one night and at trivia till about eleven last night. He probably thinks I'm being demanding, and he may be right, but I just wanted someone to open my juice bottle for me and maybe pat my hair for a bit. Now he's in withdrawn cranky mood and I'm pretty much at my wits end there.

It all sounds a bit negative doesn't it, but rest assured, I bounce back quicker than Ali. All the exercise and healthy eating is starting to pay off. So don't fret.

Anyway, got a steroid injection in my butt so that bronchitus/flu doesn't turn into pneumonia (which I have had a couple of times before). Woke up today feeling like a human again, if still woozy, but I was so desperate to paint again that I dragged myself into town. Moved my easel outside in the sunshine so that I could paint freely and not pass my germs onto others. I wish that other people would show the same consideration.

Let me just rant for a second... why is it that people expect a pat on the back when they turn up to work sick? I wonder how many people realise that by toughing out their flu or virus (or by failing to vaccinate their children) they are putting other members of the populace in danger. People like me. There are more people out there with a compromised immune systems than you might think. People with various forms of cancer, autoimmune diseases, even people who are stressed can have lowered immune responses.

The problem is, most people can still carry on their lives when they're sick, but then there are the sickos like me for whom a cold or flu can turn into something drastic very quickly. Usually when I get sick I'm taken out of action for a few days. On an average month I'll probably have this happen once, but now that I am out in the public more often those days are increasing. Thinking I might start wearing a dust mask to Tafe and work.

So what's the point of this little rant? I don't know really, just don't be a carrier monkey. If you can stay home from work or school, then please do so. Rest up, watch a couple of movies, then come back when your germs are gone. Or at least give me a heads up so I can run away :P

New badges that arrived at Emerald Arts yesterday. I can't tell you what it's called because I forgot to bring my consignment book home, but it's $2 and is pinned to a paint swatch.

My poor old Sculpture sketchbook after the bum got to it. So sad.

Today I decided to start painting the sand on my landscape work. It was going to be the first of several tests, but having glazed over the water part 12 times so far, I'm starting to like it so I think I will hand this one in. I'm going to paint about 10 layers of sandy colour on, then add bits of shale and sand (I think) so that the roughness contrasts with the smoothness of the water.

I think (hope) that the sandy colour goes with the water. Used the same yellow that is worked through the water part, so that it matches tonally...

Sooo shiny. Man I love this gloss varnish stuff. Thinking of doing about 30 coats all up, working irridescence and metallic inks through it, so that it has more depth.

Ugh, tired, time for a power nap I think.

<3 Emmeline


Renee said...

Emmeline: How I love all this info. xoxo

I agree on the cold thing. One lady in my group died last year because she got a cold from someone and it went right into pneumonia.

Ten will be fine soon, they always are. Isn't it amazing how much they take their mood from us. After when you are happy, so will he be.

I am going to apologize about your comment on the pope, I didn't post it, even though I agree with it 100%, because it had Ces name and I had about 15 comments that I rejected for the same reason.

She has her statement, that is fine. I disagree totally and so does everyone else basically but I don't want my blog to be attacking in any way.

I know she is a big girl but that is just how I want it.

Hope you don't mind.

Love Renee xoxo

p.s. Get better soon.

Emerald Arts said...

I once had a papercut on the end of my finger that turned into a massive blister down to the knuckle. Was part of Ten's trial by fire when we started going out. He said that it was totally gross then gave me lots of hugs and condeine :P

He's a brilliant boyfriend most of the time, it's just lately we both have so much weighing down on us. Helped to have a good talk about it this arvo (talk argument thing). Logically we know that it won't always be this way, we'll have a new house and cash soon enough, but it's easy to lose sight of the forest... or somethingorother

Don't mind at all about the statement, feel a bit bad now having named and shamed :P I kind of forgot that other people read comments too, I'm not just writing to you. Keep your blog an oasis of calm my sweetheart, and I'll send my little rants of indignation and Popal stupidity to email :P

Love ya Lots,


Renee said...

Get better soon.