Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digital painting is way cool man

It dawned on me the other day that if I learn to use Photoshop properly I could use it to create both digital versions of bookart Aaannd as a way to test out painting ideas quickly thereby saving the environment and my wallet and DAYAM art is awesome.

Before and after shot from class today. Digital. w3rd.

The leaves are not the right colour, but I spent so long making brushes that I just wanted to get the idea down before the end of class.

Em Stronach 's really glad she scanned her sketchbooks yesterday because today a bum stole my sculpture one, ripped it up at the bus station then sat on it. Seriously.


L.D. Semmler at 8:53pm March 24

Like WTF?

Jen Etherington at 8:57pm March 24 via Facebook Mobile

Gee. Not having much luck are you?

Joe Lynch at 9:08pm March 24

Jesus. Was it one dread?

Tegan Hunter at 9:13pm March 24

That's a punchable offence in my book.

Adam Mal Dalton at 9:23pm March 24

that is terrible. Sorry to hear it.

Em Stronach at 10:04pm March 24

Hey don't be sorry, I got it back, the grandpa of my student went all action man on it. The written on pages were yanked out. Was just a crazy old bum who apparently doesn't like fish diagrams :P

Zane Dean at 10:22pm March 24

G nobody ever steals my sketchbooks :

Em Stronach at 8:19am March 25

hehe I don't think that's a bad thing Z

Simone Sheridan at 9:45am March 25


Cameron Brown at 10:19am March 25

Holy shit. Again? You've got to keep a closer eye on your sketch books!

Em Stronach at 4:46pm March 25

Yeah I think I do C, yet another thing having a shop is teaching me quick smart. They're dicey buggers in the Mall.


Renee said...

Em that is so weird. Were you like what the fuck?

Love Renee xoxo

Emerald Arts said...

I was! Such a wierd thing to happen. I blame the drugs :P

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nice! great stuff.. :)