Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Mall is allliiivvveee, to the sound of muuusic

Two strange ballet creatures turned up in the Mall yesterday afternoon...

The red one snuck into the picture when I was taking a photo of a girl called Emerald.She was convinced by her friends to have her photo taken next to the sign. I heart this photo so much.

Livesites provided much excellent entertainment. There was a juggler who had an amazing glass orb that he moved with his hand like it was water. Then there was a magician called Andrew who spoke with an Indian accent even though he was born in Nelsons Bay.

I set up my canvas outside and started work on my first Landscape trial.

This is my landscape test for the exhibition. Since canvas is almost the same cost as paper these days and learning how to make my own frames then stretch them... I'm doing my tests Grande size because it is (I think) the only way to learn how to paint BIG ;)

These beautiful prints are by Simone Sheridan. She is the current Guest Artist on the wall at Emerald Arts.

This is not actually the way it's supposed to be put, it's 90 degrees right when displayed properly, but I wanted to show you her face. Lovely.

So far I have only painted the water part. I mixed the colours that I see when I'm swimming laps at the Ocean Baths. Next step is to gloss it to the McWoah with shiny something or other...

Maybe put sandy cliffs on there... and maybe some shards of light


Renee said...

I am digging everything babe.

Love how alive the shop seems from outside.

The zines you scored were wicked too.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Emerald Arts said...

Oh I know, totally! I got the greatest mail art this afternoon which was sick... just out of nowhere!

It really was as exciting as it looked in the picture. From when I first opened to now there has been such a build. People really are getting excited about being in the mall again!

<3 ya ;)