Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ETSY: The Man from Outer Space

This silver spaceman is from a far off planet far far away in a galaxy we have never heard of.
The galaxy that Attis resides in has two suns and a mini-sun named Toby.
Attis is a planet with twenty eight moons and fourty one oceans. That is a lot of light and a lot of reflections.
The inhabitants of this planet wear silver spacesuits each and every time they venture out of doors. It protects their skin whilst remaining a very stylish mode of attire.
The Man From Outer Space stands approximately 10 1/2 cm tall (4 inches)and 13cm wide (5 inches).
He is from the sketchbook that lives in my bag and is entiredly made by hand.
His spacesuit is made from vintage silver material I found while rummaging in my favourite antique store "Ann's Glory Box". His eyes (buttons) are from my mother's old winter jacket. Embellishments are sewn on with cactus silk.

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