Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shopping on Etsy- Birch

The quality of the artwork in this small book called "Birch" blew me away. I ordered on a bit of a whim, having just watched three end-of-the-world movies in a row, I was in the mood for something apocalyptic. But then it arrived in it's fantastic little envelope (made from the same sort of card as the cover) and I saw it and fell in love. Sorry boyfriend, don't be jealous ;)

I'm not sure exactly what sort of card Justin has used for the cover of the book, but it feels lovely, and inside I found that I had purchased book #220 of #300, how exciting! Forgive me, I'm such a n00b sometimes. It may be standard practice for artists to number their books, but it made me feel very special... erm, moving on....
Favourite artwork within the book? It's called "Robot Arm". Reminds me of my gorgeous sister's Ocean Baths arm breaking incident, which was horrific at the time, but fascinating too. The Sci-Fi geek inside me gets very excited about biomechanics. Most of the characters in the book are damaged or set in a sort of industrialised wasteland, but they're strangely peaceful. Technically excellent, very distinctive style, I'll stop blathering now, but yes, it is awesome.

Thankyou Justin :)

Must sell more stuff so I can buy Book 2.

Go see Justin Madson's excellent website:

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