Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glamour Shoot

These are the Newcastle Ocean Baths. They were built for the public of Newcastle years and years ago by my great Grandfather and I swim laps there, so I am very attatched to them. A couple of years ago my sister broke her arm there really badly, she was trying to bomb a friend of hers from the duckboard in between the lap pool and the general swimming one. It was pretty horrendous, she doesn't go there anymore, can't blame her, but less people swim there than the Merewether ones and I am as blind as a bat, so it's my spot.

This afternoon Ten (the lovely boyfriend) and I took all the creatures left over from the TINA market stall to take some glamour shots. I'm going to list them all on ETSY over the next few days so that I can make new ones. So many ideas.

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