Sunday, October 26, 2008


In the house I grew up in we had a front room that was half for living, half for my mother's massive collection of plants. I'm going to have to find some photos of it later, which will require much digging through the boxes at Hawks Nest. It was like having my own personal indoor jungle.

In the house i live in now, "Buddy", we have an indoor/outdoor room that currently houses my artworks and cranes, but which I am modifying into a mini-studio. The room has a shelf under an opaque class window, with shelf that is just crying out for terraniums. At Dudley, our terranium was a coffee table with a massive glass bulb containing little pottery houses and mosses and ferns. Mine will probably be in a jar, but it will still be awesome.

Feeling a little shell-shocked today and tired. Drove myself to the newsagents to get Frankie and Famous, going to chillax for the day and research Terraniums.

Day off. Nice ;)

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Renee said...

Honestly Em you totally cracked me up on the half living room half plants. ha ha ha.

Have a great week.

Love Renee