Thursday, October 23, 2008

Etsy shopping- The Tiny Zodiac Monsters Colouring Book

This book is small. So small. It's currently living in my filofax, waiting for me to be brave enough to colour something so tiny in.
Lovely little linework monsters, one for each sign of the zodiac. Leo, a fuzzy creature, is my favourite (even though I am technically a Gemini).
From the MonsterGallery shop:


Renee said...

Em, I just got tossed out, so it is probably a good think and will keep this comment shorter. I read about you being sick too, it is so difficult. I wrote in September on the 18th a post called In the Trenches. It is about being ill and people not wanting to hear, I think you may like it. If you want, check it out.

Your little cyclops is adorable.

By the way you are right about Flossy-P, not only do I love her work, I lover her too.


Take care of yourself. Renee Khan

Emerald Arts said...

It was such an interesting post.

I'm sorry if my comment on Flossy-P's journal was a little off on how you actually deal with illness, I was trying to present a possible reason, not presume how you do it. So um yep....

I'm in a bit of a brain fog today, words really aren't working for me.

Thankyou for your lovely comment.

Big Hugs.


Renee said...

Hey Em: my goodness, please. I certainly did not take your comment anyway other than you meant it. Are you kidding. All we can really talk from are our own experiences. I completely understood where you were going. Completely.

Hoping that you have a wonderful day at your market and have a vodka lime for me.

Keep well, and take care of yourself.

Kermit can say it ain't easy being green, but we know it ain't easy being sick.

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Oh thank god.

I'm highly cerebral (or rather live in my own head) so I sometimes stress that I may have offended when probably people didn't even mind at all :P

Although, my mother is manic depressive. I'm conditioned to walk on eggshells. She's been convinced for years that my illness is attention seeking behavior. Not a healthy relationship.

so yeah, to say the journal entry you referred me to was helpful. So helpful. I am the most eloquent creature in the world, I've used livejournal for years to vent and chill out. But when confronted with irrationality I just get...

totally flabergasted :P Still working on that one, but I'm so glad that there is another woman out there in the world who thinks like I do about illness.

Awesome ;)

Renee said...

Oh Em:

I have to tell you my hands went up to my mouth when you said that your Mom thinks it is about getting attention. I am so sorry to hear that. Talk about difficult to the extreme.

I am sure that is because of her illness too, but it sure can't make it any easier.

My best friends sister is manic depressive and actually has made Heidi's life hell. I always remind her that Roberta is ill, but at this point in our lives Heidi doesn't give a shit any more.

For this to be mother/daughter must be harder than I can even imagine.

I am stopping now because I know you didn't ask for my two cents.

There are many women like me out here, so if you ever need support even from a distance. I want you to know that you have it from me.

I said to Flossy-P about the Harry Potter books (if you haven't read them you should; the first are a bit babyish but the others are awesome). Anyway they have dementors in them who suck out people's life energy. I say down with Dementors and continue to put yourself around positive people like Flossy-P.

Hope you had great fun at the fair.

Love Renee