Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zine Swap: the Ephemeral Mailbox Museum

Zine Swap with Niku from the website We Make Zines.
I sent her a copy of Book Art and she sent me some of her mixed media collage zines. The zine that you can see in the bottom left of the second picture is my favourite. It's very small, about the size of a stamp booklet (Australia Post, 10 stamps :P). Have to tell you, though, it was hard to pick a favourite, I am a huge fan of collage and when it is done so beautifully.... I go all warm and fuzzy ;)
One of the zines is called "Carnival of Creative Urges", what a name! Sounds like the sort of place where people wear massive feather headpieces and paint their bodies silver. Sounds like the sort of place I want to go.
Because I am tired today (always seem to catch something after having to use my epipen), I will just leave you with an interesting quote on Cut-Ups from one of Niku's zines:
In 1959 Brion Gysin, the painter and writer created what he called the cut-up method, cutting newspaper articles into sections and rearranged the sections at random, creating prose.
The Cut-up Method is [described] as bringing writers to the collage like films or still photography. These cut-ups bring together bits and coherent phrases chopped up, from magazines or newspapers, together to make new meaning or images.
Thankyou Niku, I absolutely loved them.

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