Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Etsy update

Make your own- Voodoo Susan CHRISTMAS VERSION

This educational craft kit contains all you need to make your very own Voodoo Susan. Sewing improves hand eye coordination and is very relaxing. Not only that, when you're done making Susan you will have your very own little friend to hang out with.


Widget is a creature of courage, strong in the face of fear. He is daring, dauntless, heroic, valiant, resilient, and most of all he is brave.Widget is the toy you want around when things go wrong, when you need someone to rely on, when you need a friend to keep you safe. Nothing scares or worries Widget the Brave.

This cream version is slightly more girly than the usual, maybe Widget should be a she this time?


I love writing letters. I do have however a bad habit of starting a letter, then getting distracted and not finishing it that day. Oftentimes I will have three or four on the go at once. That is why I created myself a folder just like this, with a very big paperclip holding it closed. To keep all my letters uncreased, together and waiting to be finished.


This is a print of my original artwork "Purple Haze". The original work is an acrylic painting on canvas.Tones of purple are mixed together with iridescent medium, gold and interference (another medium which refracts light back to the view at different angles).This is a limited Edition print (only 25 made), signed and numbered on the back. It will be shipped to you in a reinforced envelope so that it reaches you in the best condition possible. Printed on A4 size Glossy photo paper.


Renee said...

Wow Emma, your stuff in the shop looks great. Good work lady.



Emerald Arts said...

Thankyou very much ;)

Omg the people that live next door are having the biggest domestics today. I know I shouldn't be listening in, but they're yelling so it's not like I have a choice, and they're actually very witty, so it's funny :P