Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zine Swap: Threat N Ink #3

After the amazingness that was the TINA zine fair and joining the Ning community "We Make Zines" I am a complete and utter convert to the strange little world that is zinedom.

This particular example, by my new friend Jethro Wall, is an art and comics zine. I swapped an issue of my Creatures and Dreams to get it. It's A5 in size, black and white throughout.

Favourite bits:
- illustrations by Alex Chiu (
the laughing one, ha ha ha ha hehe, is the best imo.
- Midori's comic strip about Jethro (her husband) and a puppy.
- I'm also a massive fan of the artist profile pages in the back of the zine. Great layout.

More info on other zine's made by Jethro on his myspace site:

Thanks Jethro and Midori, I loved it, hope your colouring in is going well ;)

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