Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ETSY- Voodoo Susan- Purple

Voodoo Susan began her life as a pincushion. .. Or rather, Voodoo Susan began her life with the intention of being a pincushion, but life had other plans. A love of travel and meeting new people saw Susan develop into a travel buddy and the best of companions.

If you like, you can rename her and use her for your own nefarious Voodoo purposes, but I prefer to keep my Susan (the red one in the photos) as an unpierced soft toy companion.

Follow the link to see where Voodoo Susan and her friends have been and to look at Voodoo Susan versions made by Emerald Arts customers:

This Voodoo Susan is handmade from purple felt. Her eyes are vintage buttons and her smile and heart are sewn on with embroidery cotton.

When Voodoo Susan arrives to you please feel free to add pictures of her in her new home to the Photo Album on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to leave you a note - I bought your red/gold devil piece at the markets this morning, and when trying to remember your Etsy to link you in my journal for the day stumbled across your blog instead.

Your devil is now happily snug on my bookshelf, leaning against a selection of novels I'm sure he'll be osmosing any time now! Thanks so much for parting with him - I love it. The girl who was with me said as we were leaving that she probably would have grabbed him if I hadn't! XD

Emerald Arts said...

You wrote about me on your journal? That's really cool, thankyou so much, I'll go check it out :)

Funny you should say that he now lives on your bookshelf, he lived on mine for a while. He was probably sick of Dickens and true crime, Penguin classics and the Discworld. They say a change is as good as a holiday.

So glad to hear that you love my painting, I get rather attached to them, so I like hearing back from wherever they are. Feel free to take a picture of the devil in his new home and send it to me ;)