Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The problem with not having enough money, working for yourself as an artist and business owner, is that collecting a safety net is impossible. After a year of hard work, slogging it out, I'm now a week away from an eviction notice. We're behind in rent and it's my fault. I have managed to get myself an artspace, I've spent forever making stock and planning and longing for a place to call my own. I achieved all that but now I'm about to be out in my arse because I'm unable to pay the $140 dollars to register my business so I can get a bank business account and use overdraft to pay my rent.

I'm feeling like the worst person at the moment. I can't bear to think of losing my beautiful house because I broke my foot and couldn't go to the markets to earn money. My beautiful Ten doesn't deserve this. I guess I can do right now is spend every waking (and when I should be sleeping second) on getting that place going. I have to hope that I can make enough money in sales on the weekend to keep the wolves at bay. So scared.


Renee said...

Don't be scared you are going to do it. But please take all that pressure off of your head. You won't be able to function if you do that.

It will work out.

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Sage advice. Usually it's pretty hard to shake my tree, but even i have non-awesome days. Feels good to have my equilibrium back.