Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Because I can: Part One

In a very scientific experiment, I ate lots of avocado last night to see if it was a problematic food. It was, salycilates make my stomach ache... I'll spare you the graphic details haha. Basically, every now and then I have a food I haven't had for a while, see how it effects me, then write it down in my little black "S" book. S is for sometimes, only rarely.

So yeah, I'm feeling a little feral today, so I'm going to have a looking at pictures day on the interwebs and share with you what I find, cos it's something I need to do (the blogs and emails have been buildling up) and sharing is caring ;)

This is one of my favourite Actresses, Isla Fisher. She's hilariously funny: “At the Golden Globes last year, I wore this beautiful midnight blue Hervé Léger dress with a fitted bodice and a huge skirt – it was incredible, like a princess meets a slut,” she says. “But someone stepped on my train and ripped the back. There’s a classic shot where I’m smiling really serenely over my shoulder, but my tush is totally exposed! The Sun called me ‘Isla Flasher’, but what can you do?”

I'd just like to say that I have been and will always be on Team Britney. She's so awesome. Comeback? Yeeeaaah!

I don't know what it is about Russel Crowe... he shouldn't be sexy... but something about him is...

As for Kanye, I think it's pretty clear why he is hot... mmmm

The design for the Lourve in Abu Dabi (sp?). They're designing a new cultural precinct there that will house about five different cultural centres. Achitects all over the world drool at the possibilities.

I make Book Art, but not quite like this.

A new artist to investigate :)

Also, am writing a manifesto for the Anti Scrapbooking Society at the moment, so if you have any thoughts on scrapbooking (positive or negative) I would love to hear them.

XO Emmeline


Renee said...

Love it....

I love the princess meets slut (funny).

Russel Crowe kinda grosses me out, but he has a hot body.

Kanye well what is to say he's gorgeous and I love when he called Bush out after the New Orleans thing and said he does nothing for blacks.

Good idea about trying out food. I love avocados.

Love you. Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Mmm I love avocados too unfortunately haha

Serena Kuhl said...

I am intrigued with this "Anti-scrapbooking society" idea. What is it? We run a scrapbooking class with our Year 10s at our class, but the kids kick up a fuss when they realise it's actually altered books and art, not "Miss! Where's the premade embelishments and frames for me to plonk on my page!". They all tell us about these loooovely classes they go to with their mum's which I completely don't understand. It's all premade, pre cut shapes which they stick in their premade albums with their photos! Their are so many great books out their on how tos, I don't understand this reliance on manufactured boring scrapbooking poo! Hope the foot gets better and I relate to the immune system rubbish. Me too!