Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning (in the middle of summer

I'm getting everything organized for the shop, the girl that I spoke to on the phone on Friday told me that the paperwork side of things was taking longer than they thought that it would. I completely understand that it is the holidays and these things take time, but I'm seriously struggling at the moment and I need to get my stuff out of my house and into a shop where they can stay on display and make me money.

Missed the Farmer's markets yesterday because I caught germs off Ten who caught them off his mum who caught them off.... oh someone, who knows :P It was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back and for once I did have a little cry to myself then felt much better. Usually the only things that make me cry are people I love getting hurt, extreme illness and that scene in Braveheart where they take his guts out with hooks..... eeeewwww.

So yeah, back to the camel... in the past month I have had a broken bone in my foot and about four colds/viruses. The bugs I can handle, I'm used to having a shit immune system and if I dose myself up I can pretty much have a normal day. I keep myself healthy by always eating fresh food and regular exermacise. The foot is getting to me though. I can't dance or swim properly, so I'm doing stretching excercises with what is basically a huge rubber band. Then there are the party hangovers from Inbetweendays and New Years, but they don't count because they're earned.

It's funny how many people don't consider/understand how the immune system works. Or that pay house visits or work when they have germs... maybe I should move to Japan where everyone wears face masks when they're sick. The amount of times I have come down with something hideous because someone didn't want to use up their sick days.... and I get so angry when I see Jenny McCarthy on TV rubbishing vaccines... clearly she doesn't have (or know of anyone with) a compromised immune system. Don't even get me started on parents who would rather rely on herd immunity than protect their precious child from Big Pharma and corrupt Western Medicine.

I just people would get their heads out of their own arses for five minutes and consider that maybe staying home when your nose is dripping and your head is spinning is a very good idea.

*This post brought to you by a frustrated and achy Emmeline. The necklace featured above is called "Splash" and she's from here:


Renee said...

Okay achy Emmeline:

I need your man to make you a cup of tea, sit with you and hold your hand, and remind you that all these good things for you are coming together and that the aches are just temporary.

Hopefully you are feeling better now.

I hear you on the herd mentality. Yikes, I am so happy when Angelique looked into it, she decided to get Josephine immunized (her husband's family are all against it). Each to their own, but I am glad that my own (Josephine) is immunized.

Love you, now breathe and remember YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE YOUR OWN SHOP.

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

I am feeling much better, Ten gave me lots of hugs, when he wasn't curled up feeling horrid himself :P

Thankyou for your lovely words, Big Love (but not in a mormon way)