Monday, January 19, 2009

LJ entry transferred

Over on my livejournal (my oldest but sadly these days most neglected interweb obsession) I am a member of a group called Molskine users. There artists post pages straight from their sketchbooks... some rather groovy stuff can be found:

This is my latest post on there, just explaining the sketchbook zine a little more, thought I would put it here as well, since this is my official record or whatevah

I'm not sure if anyone on this lovely moleskine group is into making zines, but I've gotten involved lately over at the Ning network "We Make Zines". There are a few artists over there who like taking pages from their sketchbooks and turning them into little self-published magazines.

This ego-titled tome is my offering for a mini-zine swap. I kept the scans true to size and drew on double page spreads in my sketchbook, so when arranged in publisher they would go neatly into a little booklet. The character on the front cover is called Widget the Brave. He's one of the toys that I make.

Jemima on the left was the first toy I ever had and is still my favourite. A friend of my Mum's made her for me when I was born. She's lovely. The Twig on the left is a DIY instruction. How to make a twig display to hang your favourite necklaces on.

My subtle way of getting the grown up Mini-Zine folk to do a bit of colouring... which we're never too old for... right? right!

Anyway, so that's what I've been doing lately with my moleskine... am stuck on the couch for the next few days with a broken foot (long story, but basically, if you injure your foot on boxing day you should probably not then wait three weeks to see a physio :P) so I'm going to do some colouring in.


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