Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shiny things and shopping with Mum

Mum picked me up and took me to the Physio this morning to get my foot sorted... oh... dear... god... the pain. The physio pushed my toes back and forth, made me stand on tippy toe (which put me in a cold sweat), told me that I really shouldn't be walking on a foot like mine... I neglected to tell her that I have been out dancing twice since I hurt it... didn't think it would help my cause. She thinks that either the bone is broken or I have snapped a ligament, so on Monday it's off to the x ray place and back to physio... the upside is though, Mum deided that I can't keep wearing one shoe and one thong as I have been (hehe) so we got some amazing posturepedic sandal things that wrap around my foot and comfort it in their cloud like awesomeness. Quite sure my friends will mock my new grandma shoes, but I don't care because they feel so lovely. Can almost walk properly, will take a photo and post later.

After that we went to lunch with Dad then over to Domayne to find furniture for a display unit (Dad's a developer). May not have written about Domayne on here before, but it's was my second home for the eight or so years that I was at uni (long story... graphic design then education). Worked there part time while I studied, so they're like family. Did the twenty minute "hello" round of the store while M & D talked furnishings, then amused self by taking photos of chandeliers and testing couches for comfiness.

Tried to convince Mum that the harbourside display unit needs a fake white fuzzy deer head on the wall, but failed. Did however talk her into a massive black pepper grinder and Victorian style picnic cutlery, so was a Win in general.

Been making Josephine's from the various fabrics in my material box. This is gold satin sent down to me by Candy (bff from Yamba). She makes all sorts of dresses, particularly old school (is a member of the SCA- fighting with sticks and reacting battles), so she always has interesting offcuts for me to work with. Going to set her to the task of designing some accessories for me.

It's a little lumpy because I ran out of stuffing and used an old pillow (don't worry, I washed it and dried it in the sun first). That said though, I kind of like it that way.

Not quite sure what's going on with the triple shot below, my camera just decided to get creative on me. Here's to figuring out what it did and replicating it....

A blue satin Josephine with a fairy embroidered in the heart. The fairy material is white microfibre, another treasure from the remnants bin at Spotlight.

Working out the write up and designing costumes while I still have time. Only a week to go until I get the keys to the shop, then it will be ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! YEAH!!!


<3 Em


Renee said...

Now wear those shoes. Your foot will heal much faster.

I love the Josephine dolls. The satin looks great on them. Love the gold satin and then saw the fairy on the blue and now I love the blue.

They look great.

Can you believe it?

Your own SHOP.



Emerald Arts said...

I KNOW!!!11!!!! I'm going out of my mind with the awesomeness of it all... got a brand new box of sharpies... let me at those walls ya'll ;)

Yeah I think the blue is my fav too, going to have to find more materials like that... pretty cute.

<3 Em

ps. the shoes are on ;)