Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is the prototype doll for a new sewing kit that I am making. She's made from linen and stuffed with the insides of an old pillow that I washed then tore apart. It's about twice the size of Voodoo Susan and is called Josephine after Napoleon's great love (besides Marengo of course). I wanted the body to be white/cream for the proto so I can practice drawing on tattoos with a fabric pen, just in case that's something I feel like including on the extras side of things.

How it will work: Josephine can be made from a kit like Voodoo Susan, or pre-made by me (but given time restraints that won't be many). A "hair" kit will contain threads of assorted wool types (knitting yarn) and a booklet that tells you how to make the hair then how to sew it on. Also thinking of making her a magician's cape kit, swimmers kit, mermaid tail kit... always open to suggestion.

My old vanity case was always too pink and hideous for me to take it travelling, but it makes an excellent paint box. The canvas below is the start of a sign for The Anti-Scrapbooking Society.

Now... off to figure out how to format the "Manifesto" as a PDF so I can publish it on the web


Renee said...

Love it and love the accessories. But mostly I love the name Josephine (my own little empress). I think the more accessories the better, like little fairy wings and the mermaid tail, etc.


Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Oooh fairy wings! That's a fantastic idea... definitely going to try that one.

The conversation I had with you about Josephine sprang to mind when I was trying to figure out what to call her. I was at a friends house brainstorming and she stuck a bratz crown on it's head and said "There you are, a Princess". To which I said "Ugh, princesses are lame. She looks more like an Empress"


I'm going to have to dig out my Napoleon books and find the one I had of letters between Josephine and he. They're fascinating.