Thursday, January 15, 2009

Renovating Emerald Arts with Cas and Eddie

Eddie Bear Rug came down to visit while Cas and Lachy were helping me to pull up the completely sodden carpet. It was so gross. Clearly the windows have been leaking for some time, cos the damp smell was horrid.

Cas at work. Architecture has made her such a handy girl, call me biased, but I'm thinking someone should give her a TV show

Cas not only helped with the carpet, but also helped me to rearrange the shop so that most of the stock was in the front part, which makes it look like there is a lot more there than there is. Also rearranged tags under paintings and photos so that they are all in a uniform spot. Helps the customer's eye apparently.

We painted the shop name on the inside of the glass, so that I can clean the front without having to do the words each time. Putting the black around the lettering made it stand out more.

Found this little guy underneath the billiard table while Ten and I were hiding from the adults hehe, I think the cat had brought it in. Picked it up in a dustpan then set it free in the next paddock.

The view out my window on the drive back from Lismore. Such a long drive, not something I'm keen to do again anytime soon. Road trips are annoying at the best of times, but for someone like me (who requires vast amounts of space) being in a car with three other adults (one of whom had a habit of commentating on every single sign and cow we drove past :P)... really not my thang.

Drawing sketchbook: ideas for Creatures and Dreams vol. 3

The morning class yesterday at Emerald Arts. We started by collecting leaves from outside, then the kids traced around them and painted on their own designs. Making a huge tree mural on the back wall.

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