Friday, January 2, 2009

Belated Christmas photos

The top of my bookshelf where my very tiny Christmas tree and my nativity set live.

Spent Christmas Day at Hawks Nest with the family then drove down for the evening and Boxing day with Ten, then back up for more family time. This is the view from our verandah. The headland on the front is called Yacabah. The beach: Jimmy's.

Mum and Dad's favourite Christmas Card.

Cas dropped one of Grandma's minced pies... onnoeseleventyone

Watching the sunset while Lachy and Ten went for a swim. Mum and Dad went back down to Newcastle for a couple of days after Boxing Day, someone bought our sailing boat so Dad took them to lunch then gave them a bit of a run through, which meant that the boys got to have a sleep in (rare when my morning people parents are around) then spent the day alternatively swimming and eating turkey leftovers. Then for dinner I made Salmon with mango and avocado salsa, sat on the veranda and read one of the new/old Penguin classics. So far I've read half of "Love in the Time of Cholera"... review later, it's gorgeous, and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

The "things we like" table at HN. The seal is from Hamilton Island, shells from various holidays, candles and stuff.

This was originally a present from Lachy and I to Mum. It was a stress garden, with a few shells and a little rake. Not sure if the head of Action Man and the crab claws ruin the Chi.

Cas and I's cowrie shells from Fiji.

Eddie checking out my room. She's not usually allowed on carpet, but she's getting naughtier as she gets older, seems to think she can get away with more... which she totally can.

A house at Tea Gardens... not sure why there are so many floaty things outside, but I like it. Pretty fond of the little Magpie that is checking it out too.

The river on Christmas Day afternoon.


Renee said...

1. You know I love to peek at the pictures. Good girl.

2. Did I tell you I got a great package from you (I was sick so long I don't even know when it came) and something on my tree is from you.

3. Love in the time of cholera (one of my favourite books). All of his are great. Are you into Salmon Rushdie? One of my favourites.

4. Everything in the house looks great.

5. Your comment on our planet made me laugh so hard and really showed your smarts. I want to send out a newletter to everyone to re-read it so that they can see just how smart you are.

6. Getting excited to see pictures of the shop in progress.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Emerald Arts said...

1. Haha yes, I do. I credit your encouragement for a much picture heavier blog... and my new phone with five Mega Pixies!

2. You did, and I'm so glad you liked it :)

3. I'm not the biggest fan of Rushdie actually, my sister bought one of his and tried (and failed) to get past the first chapter. I read it but never finished it because I found the sentences too convoluted. But i've only tried one, so I'm open to suggestions.

5. My mum is the world's best interior decorator. Even though this is more Dad's house than hers. Will have to find photos of home for you, so beautiful.

6. I love being quoted, makes me feel famous for my smarts not the fact that my Dad is Newcastle's best builder of awesome Cathedral towers and theatres and stuff. Most people never get past my carefully crafted exterior of well groomed sillyness. Helps me fly under the radar :P

6.Wait... I think I did five as six... anyway haha ME TOO! I am so crap at waiting.

-Love Em

Renee said...

I'm sure that once people get past your well-crafted silliness (which I don't see) they will love you just like I do.

Sounds like you are getting some of that artistic talent from your Dad the tower maker.


Love Renee

zose said...

ah, that would be ranger ben's house.
he has always liked bouys and boats, ever since i can remember him.