Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dropped by the space tonight on the way to Scotty's poncho party. I forgot to wear one cos I am a n00b without a filofax on me. Need a PA or something :P

Sculpture from the Waste as Art exhibition holding place for things to come. Had to put something shiny in the window cos I am just so damn proud to have the place... even if it has been too Dayam hot to clean it hehe

Hmmm, hard to take photos with a camera phone through dirty windows. Note to self, next time remember the windex

So yeah, probably should be playing guitar hero with the boys last night, we came home early from the party cos Ten is still a bit sick and Harvs (Benny) has almost no voice because the Big Day Out was THAT good ;)

Instead I am displaying to you dear reader the "Holding" window display at my new shop Emerald Arts. I could not be more giddy with excitement. like seriously ;)

-Emmeline xoxoxo

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Renee said...

It looks awesome Emma, big too.

Hey excited and Emma start with an e.