Monday, January 26, 2009

Introducing Cas.

Whilst lurking on Facebook waiting for the day to cool down so I can go work in the shop, I came across these photos of my sister in someone's Christmas party photos.

Cas is Cassandra Jane Stronach, she's four years younger than me, but people often mistake us for each other because we're both tall and brunette, even though we're built differently and have quite different faces. Cas is about two inches taller than I am and slender, I'm almost six foot so I'm hardly tiny, but I'm more of an hourglass, very curvy. Also, Cas has blue eyes with flecks of gold, whereas my eyes are swamp green (long story... how the name came about I mean, not infidelity or being swapped at the hospital :P).

So this is Cas at her work Christmas party on Sydney harbour. Feb last year she started work with a company called Nettleton Tribe on the North Shore. She's an (incredibly talented) architect.

Keeping up the family tradition of being total junkies when it comes to Champagne. I remember when I was going through the gamut of testing to figure out what turned out to be coeliacs, the doctor read out a list of what I could and couldn't drink. My Mum asked in a tiny sad little voice "Does that mean she can't have Champagne?"

The doctor laughed and said "It's ok Mrs Stronach. Champagne is gluten free."

Big Sigh of relief.

Anyway, back to the Cas One. What else can I tell you about her? We sound alike on the phone and often confuse Mum. We both count "Zoolander" and "Fogetting Sarah Marshall" as cinematic classics. She sets me off on such laughing fits sometimes that I double over and no noise comes out. She's never been a great reader of books, but she's getting back into them which makes me really happy cos books rock. She bosses me around FAR more than I boss her, but it's like water off a ducks back with me anyway haha. Also, we can fight like cats and dogs about the stupidest things, but five minutes later we're over it.

Whenever we go on family holidays, Cas and I go into sleepover mode and annoy our brother by talking all night, but then Lachy and I fight over who gets to share a room with her because she can snore if she has hayfever, Lachy snores too though, so he loses :P Plus I'm the eldest, so I just keep repeating that as the answer to every argument he puts forward.

Cas is the most excellent sister.


Renee said...

And I bet you are excellent right back. She is beautiful too.

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Yeah, she's absolutely gorgeous. I heart her :)