Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another glamour shoot/excuse to go to the beach

Some sort of shell creatures had been squidging around making interesting patterns in the sand.

Found a lobster tail, but unfortunately not the whole lobster... mmm.... seafood....

Never a good idea to wear ridiculously flared jeans to the beach, but hey, I had the flu, wasn't really thinking :P

Squidging the water out of a cunjevoi with my toe, one of my favourite passtimes actually.

Voodoo Sam. We had a few problems with the critters, the camera is pretty old and kept overexposing everything, so next time we'll just stick to using the camera phone, kthanx.

Caution: Small creatures may fall between the cracks. Miniature Voodoo Susan and Ten's toes.

The boy is turning into a seriously good photographer, check it!

Voodoo Sam and mini Voodoo Susan, hanging out in the shade.


Renee said...

That was all so super fun for me to see.


Emerald Arts said...

Yay :) Got to say I feel sorry for you poor Canadians, just going into a blisteringly cold winter. I can only cope with that much cold when I'm snow skiing, other than that, give me Aussie heat anytime ;)