Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh dear :P

Why is it that Grandparents and parents love to bust their younger family members? Hehe ok it's not anywhere near as serious as it sounds, but still... busted.

Grandma, Grandpa, Paul and I had dinner at the best Thai restaurant EVAR! Catching up was done, wine was drunk (which shouldn't have been) then we had coffee in a second restaurant because The Grain doesn't do coffee. Do people in Thailand not drink coffee? Does that question make me sound too much like Jessica Simpson?

Anyway, I told the g's that I was *this close* to getting a studio space, which is a very lucky thing because my house looks like that spinning Tassie Devil had whirled through. I'm normally a bit messy, but always clean. Lately though? Not so much. There is just too much to do and unfortunately for my house, that means it's been the first to be neglected.

We got back from the restaurant and Grandma had to go to the bathroom, so she asked it she could use mine (even though they life 5 mins away, I think she was just curious). I said sure, but fair warning, it is sooooo messy. She said she didn't mind, and possibly she didn't, but I still feel a bit icky. Why? Because my grandparents are awesome and had just taken the boy and I out for a lovely dinner. I know I am a grown up now and it's my house, but it doesn't feel quite right.

So yeah, that's what's running through my head today. Fascinating I'm sure, but it's really hot and I'm waiting for the sun to go down a bit so I can swim. Don't need any more freckles.


Renee said...

Just be happy that you are her granddaughter because grandmas are much harder on the cleanliness of a house if it is their grandsons (because they still think the girl as in girlfrien should keep it clean).

I enjoyed this post.


Emerald Arts said...

They are? ooooh that's not so surprising actually, my grandpa is a bit of a sexist (in that wonderful old school way). Grandma still gets up to make him breakfast before he goes to golf.