Monday, November 10, 2008

Yesterday's markets

They told me that I was too big to ride the ponies, so unfair!

This is how I display the strings of cranes. I bought the parasol at the Asian Grocery on Hunter Street.

Products: dragonfly print in black frame. Voodoo Susan dolls and kits, paper doll, Book Art zine (big and small).

after a bit of mucking around, I figured out how to print my Book Art zine out smaller, so that it could fit into a standard envelope. It also saves on ink ;)

My new friends at We Make Zines were kind enough to compile a list of zine reviewers and distributors. So this is my first ever mail out.

The bag with the doggie on it is my stuff to do container. Perfect size. Fits my filofax, sketchbook, letters and zines. Heart it.


PonyBoy Press said...

That is a very cute bag. yay! I am glad you have found some help and inspiration on We Make Zines. :-)

Emerald Arts said...

It sure is :) I bought so much origami paper one day in my fav shop in Chinatown (the awesomely named "Morning Glory"). They gave it to me as a present.

I <3 we make zines, it's my new obsession. Nice to see a social networking site that actually works :P